Common Grounds with inclusive employers

Last Thursday, April 23rd was the kick-off of the Common Grounds with inclusive employers project. In a kick-off meeting with the first two employers who will be setting up a Common Ground, the goals, principles and plan of approach were discussed. Whereas Campus Woudhuis has so far focused primarily on work/learning processes for employees in their own company on the estate, the Common Grounds will, looking ahead, develop a methodology and facilities to facilitate employees in taking the step to work for a regular company. We will work with groups of three employees on average. First of all at construction company Veeneman, which is working with landscaper Walter Ruesink to put inclusive employment into practice. Levi van Dijk, employed by forest and nature manager Johan Rap, will start working part-time as a foreman on the Campus in May.

In the coming weeks, the project team will share expectations with employees and employers and make agreements about the work, learning aspects, supervision and monitoring experiences and results. At the end of May we expect to start with the practical set-up and the start of the first Common Ground.

The common grounds project is one of the case projects of the platform Working with a disability


Common Grounds met inclusieve werkgevers