Process support, socio-economic research and consultancy in social innovation, are the core of CPC consultancy practice. We focus on rural development and sustainable management and governance of natural resources. In our consultancy work we seek to actively contribute to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From our field of work on poverty reduction, agricultural and nature development and public-private partnership development, we focus in particular on the following goals

The social change processes involved are often complex due to the many stakeholders, the diversity in cultural and technical insights, and the interaction at different scales (from local to global). With its years of experience and its specific knowledge, CPC can offer support. The CPC approach distinguishes itself by:

A systems approach:


Knowledge management and social learning:

CPC develops innovative methods for partnership development and network learning. Innovative methods that have proven their power are further developed into our own methods and techniques. We often work together with other specialists.

In the menu to the right you can see some examples of such innovative methods that we are using and further developing.