Sustaining project results in Somaliland

The Somaliland Development Fund Phase Two (SDF2) is a multi-donor fund supporting the government of Somaliland to deliver basic services and essential infrastructure projects prioritised under the second Somaliland National Development Plan (NDP2) 2017-2021. The programme runs from September 2018 to March 2024. The UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway are funding the programme. The programme includes road projects, agriculture and livestock facilities, water systems and fisheries. The programme aims to support inclusive economic development, stimulate job creation and rapid growth, and lay the foundations for resilience and long-term development. The programme also focuses on strengthening the Somaliland government's capacities to set priorities and manage the sustainable and equitable development of Somaliland's infrastructure.

The SDF2 project locations in Somaliland

CPC contributes to the sustainability of project results by training and coaching the five project teams on facility use and maintenance. By actively involving stakeholders in the development and implementation of the projects, it lays the foundation for the sustainable use and maintenance of the facilities. Stakeholders are not only the local communities, but also professionals from the various ministries and directors of cooperatives are involved. Besides active consultations, users are prepared with training and by developing manuals for use and maintenance.For further details on the various projects click here