Installation Interim Change Management Team Mineral Authority Suriname

"We have never before in the history of Suriname come so close to establishing the institute," noted Minister David Abiamofo of the Ministry of Natural Resources (NH) during his speech at Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort. According to Abiamofo, the establishment of a Mineral Resources Institute (Authority) has been under discussion for more than 30 years. Finally, on November 17, 2022, employees of the Geological Mining Department (GMD), the Bauxite Institute Suriname (BIS), Ordening Gold Sector (OGS) and of Mining/NH were allowed to participate in the installation of an Interim Change Management Team as well as a motivational session regarding the Institute to be set up.

During this session, facilitated by CPC, participants were briefed on the status and activities surrounding the Mineral Institute (Authority) to be established. The actions involved include, review of the Revision of Mining Law and Law Establishing Mineral Institute (Authority), the institutional layout of the Mineral Institute (Authority) Suriname to be established and the change process to arrive at the Mineral Institute (Authority) Suriname.

The Minister is aware that primarily the change process will require quite a bit of support and effort. To properly manage this change process, the Minister has installed an Interim Change Management Team, consisting of: Clyde Griffith, who will be head responsible for the change process, Lindsey Sanne, acting head of the GMD, Wilson Balansi manager OKGS and Ashwin Ramkhelawan, acting director of BIS.

Furthermore, the Suriname Competitive and Sector Diversification Project or too SCSD project will provide all resources to the Mineral Institute (Authority) to be set up, to provide procedures tailored to the Suriname Context, materials, equipment and training for staff.

Further on in the day, there was an interactive exchange of views on how to jointly shape the process. In addition, according to actors involved, the institute (Authority) to be set up will only have a chance of success if they cooperate with other crucial partners such as SBB, NIMOS, MIGlis and Anton de Kom University. Minister Abiamofo further expects fruitful cooperation among the actors.