Reflection Workshop Campus Woudhuis

With the first experiences of inclusive work and learning with SME employers, it is time to further shape action learning on Campus Woudhuis for 2022. The Campus knowledge platform has taken up this challenge in this reflection workshop.

The knowledge platform of Campus Woudhuis was set up with the ambition of making the Campus a Living Lab where practical experience, knowledge and theory are in dialogue with each other. Action learning was high on the agenda right from the start.

The setting of a living lab: in the 'real world' we create 'common grounds', supervised workplaces for campus employees, and conclude an agreement to this end with at least four SME employers. The first common grounds at contractor Veenenman and landscaping company Jan Rap have been in operation since the autumn of 2021. The knowledge platform acts as a sounding board group in the development of a targeted approach.

In the workshop, participants reflected on the first experiences with the Common Grounds. Both the design of the action learning research and the first experiences were tested and adjusted where necessary.


Reflectie Workshop Common Grounds Campus Woudhuis