Apprenticeship company Campus Woudhuis closes the season.

The campus is a green work-learning company for people with a distance to the labour market and students from secondary special education. We thus offer our employees a place to work and learn in green environments, working together with entrepreneurs and other employers who work or plan to work in an inclusive way. We do this for a good alignment of our work-learning pathways with the regular labour market and the advancement of our employees after their pathway on campus.

Campus recently had its annual BBQ to end the season.

Recently, the season ended with an enjoyable Barbecue.


College students regularly do their internships on campus. They rotate in for a few weeks or monthsn de groenploeg, in de organisatie of in een van Campus projecten.

Frank Lucas, a Social Work student at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, recently joined us. He is working on the project Inclusief leren werkenHe explains why he chose the campus and this project: 'In recent years, I have seen the important role work and learning have in a person's life. Being able to really contribute from your strengths and interests is essential. It immediately appealed to me to be able to contribute to the flow of an employee from the campus to regular companies at the Ecofactorij. Real participation with important work!'